What Size Car Tire For GL1800?

Choosing the right vehicle tire for your GL1800 can incredibly influence your riding experience and guarantee ideal execution. The Honda GL1800, ordinarily known as the Gold Wing, is an incredible visiting bike famous for its solace, power, and dependability. Whether you’re a long-term GL1800 proprietor or a planned purchaser, understanding the fitting tire size for your bicycle is critical for security and boosting its possible out and about.

What Size Car Tire For GL1800?  In this article, we dig into the universe of vehicle tires explicitly intended for GL1800 cruisers. We will investigate the variables to consider while picking the right size, the advantages of choosing the right tire, and give fundamental data to assist you with pursuing an educated choice.

From the smoothest of thruways to testing territories, the right tire size can have a tremendous effect in the general taking care of and execution of your GL1800. Thus, how about we make a plunge and find what size vehicle tire is ideally suited for your Honda GL1800 Gold Wing?


What Size Car Tire For GL1800?

With regards to picking the right vehicle tire for your GL1800, otherwise called the Honda Gold Wing, there are a few elements to consider. The GL1800 is a strong visiting bike that requires explicit tire aspects to guarantee ideal execution, well-being, and dealing with. We will examine the suggested tire size for the GL1800 and its importance in upgrading your riding experience.

What Size Car Tire For GL1800?

The Honda GL1800 is a heavyweight visiting cruiser intended for extremely long rides and solace. It includes a strong motor, a smooth suspension framework, and high-level gadgets. To match the abilities of this bicycle, it is essential to choose the fitting vehicle tire size that supplements its exhibition attributes.

The suggested tire size for the GL1800 is a 130/70R-18 front tire and a 180/60R-16 back tire. These aspects are broadly perceived as the standard sizes for this bike model. It is fundamental to stick to these determinations as they have been explicitly decided to advance the GL1800 taking care of, soundness, and generally ride quality.

The 130/70R-18 front tire connotes that the tire has a width of 130 millimeters, a perspective proportion of 70 (demonstrating that the tire’s level is 70% of its width), and is intended to fit an 18-inch wheel. This tire size offers superb solidness and exact directing reaction, permitting you to without hesitation move your GL1800 in different street conditions

The 180/60R-16 back tire, then again, has a width of 180 millimeters, a perspective proportion of 60, and is intended for a 16-inch wheel. This tire size gives adequate footing and grasp, guaranteeing ideal power conveyance from the GL1800’s motor to the street. It likewise adds to the bike’s steadiness during speed increases and cornering.

The GL1800 must be outfitted with a twofold wishbone front suspension framework, and that implies the front tire doesn’t incline in corners like customary cruisers. All things considered, the tire rolls on its surface. This plan includes considering greater soundness and lessening the effect of tire size on cornering execution.

While choosing vehicle tires for your GL1800, picking great tires from legitimate manufacturers is urgent. Search for tires explicitly intended for visiting cruisers, as they are designed to deal with the significant distance requests of the GL1800. Also, consider factors, for example, track design, tire compound, and burden rating to guarantee the tire’s reasonableness for your riding needs.

What Size Car Tire For GL1800?

Appropriate tire upkeep is additionally fundamental for expanding the exhibition and life span of your GL1800 tires. Consistently check the tire pressure, track wear, and generally speaking state of the tires. Keeping up with the suggested tire tension and supplanting tires when they arrive at the wear pointers will assist with guaranteeing your security out and about.


What Size Tire is A GL1800?

The GL1800, a Honda Gold Wing cruiser, regularly utilizes a 130/70R-18 front tire and a 180/60R-16 back tire. These tire sizes are intended to give ideal execution and deal with this professional bicycle, guaranteeing a smooth and agreeable ride.

What Size Are Goldwing Tires?

Goldwing cruiser tires regularly come in sizes going from 130/70R18 for the front wheel to 200/55R16 for the back tire. In any case, it’s fundamental to counsel your particular Goldwing model’s manual or an expert specialist for exact tire size suggestions, as they might change depending on the year and version of your bicycle.

What Size Wheels Are On A Honda Goldwing?

The Honda Goldwing commonly comes outfitted with 18-inch front haggles and inch back tires. These wheel sizes give a fair blend of strength and solace, guaranteeing a smooth and charming riding experience for Goldwing lovers.

How Do I Know What Size Tire to Get For My Car?

To decide the right tire size for your vehicle, allude to your vehicle’s proprietor’s manual or the sticker on the driver’s side door frame. It will list the suggested tire size. You can likewise really look at the ongoing tire sidewall for the size data. Counsel an expert on the off chance that you’re uncertain.


While considering the suitable tire size for a Honda GL1800 bike, it is vital to stick to the producer’s suggestions. The GL1800, otherwise called the Gold Wing, is a strong professional bicycle intended for really long rides, and utilizing the right tire size is fundamental for ideal execution and well-being.

Honda suggests a particular tire size for the GL1800 to guarantee legitimate dealing with, dependability, and footing. It is significant to counsel the proprietor’s manual or contact a legitimate Honda vendor to get the specific tire size and details for the GL1800 model.

Picking the right tire size for your GL1800 isn’t just about similarity but it addition about keeping up with the bicycle’s general presentation and well-being. By keeping Honda’s rules, riders can partake in a smooth and secure riding experience, both on expressways and winding streets.